Generation AI: Human-centered Prompts for the Modern Educator

Generation AI: Human-centered prompts for the Modern Educator

Create better lessons in minutes

Lesson planning for a dynamic classroom is hard. Designing activities for deeper learning requires planning. Balancing diverse student needs and expectations requires empathy and adaptability.

On top of all that, communication with parents and guardians is challenging.

All of this is time intensive.

And you're tired.

What if there was a way you could cut your planning time for those engaging lessons from hours to minutes? And what if you could quickly write those emails and communications to stakeholders? 

There is another way. 

Generation AI eBook cover with a robotic hand touching fingers with a child's finger.

We'll show you how to combine generative AI and a structured workflow to:

Design standards-aligned student-centered lessons that incorporates the technology you already have including warm-up activities, formative assessments, rubrics, and more.


Begin to leverage generative AI to create a more human-centered learning experience for your students.


Rapidly generate communication with parents, guardians, and other stakeholders

We've created this eBook to get you started on leveraging the power of generative AI.


You'll find more time to focus on creating the classroom learning environment you want for your students.


A classroom that is rich with discussion, curiosity, student inquiry, and engagement.


Skills you'll gain: AI Prompting Lesson planning with AI Seamless communication with AI

What you'll discover in this free eBook

  • A pedagogy first approach A forward-thinking pedagogical approach that embraces the potential of AI as a powerful tool for empowering students and revolutionizing the learning process.
  • Lesson planning prompts Prompts to generate lesson plans with research-based strategies for engaging students, promoting critical thinking, and encouraging collaboration, all while keeping up with the rapid developments in AI technology.
  • Prompts for any level or subject A diverse collection of curated prompts, designed to cater to a wide range of subjects, skill levels, and learning objectives. No matter your teaching focus, you'll find inspiration tailored to your unique classroom needs.
  • Communication prompts Prompts for quickly communicating with parents and guardian regarding classroom activities, student behavior, and responding to questions.
  • Video demos We'll walk you through sample prompts, look at the results, and share ideas for going further.

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